The Best Ears Ever Are About to Release On The Disney Store!

Let down your hair with these new Tangled Mickey ears that are coming soon to The Disney Store!

Rapunzel and Flynn

Disney started releasing princess-inspired Mickey ear headbands in the parks and the Disney Store in the last couple of months.Mickey ears are a great way to add a magical touch to your park outfit, and the Princess’s ear headbands are no different!

So far, there have been ears inspired by Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Tiana!

All of these ear designs match the movie they came from. For example, Cinderella’s ears have her pumpkin carriage and a clock on the bow!

Click here to buy the Cinderella ears!

A blue headband with round, Tangled Mickey ears features a design of silver stars and a carriage on each ear. The center showcases a blue bow with pastel rainbow stripes and a decorative silver emblem with a clock face.
Credit: The Disney Store

Disney fans have been wanting Rapunzel-themed merchandise in the Parks for a long time. After all, she is many people’s favorite princess (including mine). These ears are perfect for any Rapunzel fans who are visiting the parks!

The Tangled-inspired ears have been all over social media for their popularity. They have been nearly impossible to find at the Disney parks. Now, they are going to be available on the Disney Store for everyone!

The iconic corset of Rapunzel’s dress is on one of the ears, with the sun and Pascal on the other. The ears have lace around them, just like her dress!

In the middle of the ears, the bow matches the sleeves of her dress and her hair! The pink and purple stripes are just like the sleeves on her dress, and the gold bow matches her magic hair that glows when she sings!

These ears are releasing on the Disney Store at 8 AM PT on July 5th, and will sell out quickly! In the parks, it was hard for the cast members to keep these ears on the shelves, and online will be no different.

These ears are out now! Click here to buy.

A woman with long wavy hair smiles while wearing a themed headband featuring large round Mickey ears decorated with pink and gold bows and intricate patterns inspired by Tangled. The background is light purple with floating whimsical designs. She wears a casual white top.
Credit: Disney Store Instagram

Will you be adding these Tangled Mickey ears to your collection?


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