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From the Haunted Mansion to Your Home: Disney’s Spooky Kitchen Collection

Many Disney fans love visiting the 999 happy haunts who reside in the Haunted Mansion whenever they are visiting Disney. The Haunted Mansion is a classic attraction in the Disney Parks that many people love!

In this classic ride, you board a doom buggy to see the iconic scenes of the Grin Grinning Ghosts enjoying the afterlife in the Haunted Mansion, from seeing the library filled with ghost stories to the ballroom. Disney fans have loved this ride since its debut!

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Haunted Mansion

To bring the eerie atmosphere of the Haunted Mansion home, the Disney Store has released a Haunted Mansion kitchen collection!

The 4 piece Haunted Mansion Kitchen Collection is part of the Haunted Mansion Classic Collection at the Disney Store. This Collection is perfect with fall quickly approaching, which is a great time to visit the Haunted Mansion (or bring the Haunted Mansion home)!

All of these items are great for decorating for fall and Halloween, or just if you love the Haunted Mansion!

The Haunted Mansion Color-Changing Mug

At first, this mug has the Haunted Mansion logo with the mansion and hitchhiking ghosts. When there is any hot liquid in the mug, green bats appear!

This mug is perfect for any of your favorite hot beverages, like coffee or tea!

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Two black ceramic mugs with a light blue interior. The larger mug features the words "The Haunted Mansion" in stylized white letters with bat and spider web designs. The smaller mug has a similar design with additional bat details, also featuring "The Haunted Mansion" text, part of the Haunted Mansion Kitchen Collection.
Credit: The Disney Store

The Haunted Mansion Plate Set

Make your dining room look like the ballroom scene with this plate set!

Each plate has ghoulish guests from the mansion. You can find the hitchhiking ghosts, Medusa, Master Gracey, and the bride!

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An image of four Halloween-themed plates from the Haunted Mansion Kitchen Collection, each featuring a different black and white drawing of spooky characters against a dark background with flying bats. The characters include a man with a top hat, a ghostly bride, a woman with wild hair, and a man in a suit.
Credit: The Disney Store

The Haunted Mansion Tray

Whether to serve food or just for decoration for Halloween, this tray is perfect!

Ezra, Phineas, and Gus (otherwise known as the hitchhiking ghosts) can be found on this serving tray.

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A round black tray from the Haunted Mansion Kitchen Collection features a whimsical illustration of three spooky, ghostly characters in top hats with bats flying around them. The tray, which has two handles on opposite sides, enhances both its design and utility.
Credit: The Disney Store

The Haunted Mansion Serving Bowls

These serving bowls are great whether you are hosting a party or just using the bowls as decoration!

Each of the hitchhiking ghosts can be found in the bottom of the serving bowls. The 3 serving bowls are connected, with the handle being a gargoyle, which can be found throughout the ride queue!

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A three-sectioned black bowl from the Haunted Mansion Kitchen Collection features an owl statue perched at the center, whose wings separate each compartment. The bottom of each bowl reveals unique designs: a skeleton holding a staff, an owl with an hourglass, and a skull with a book.
Credit: The Disney Store

Will you be buying any part of the Haunted Mansion Kitchen Collection?


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