An Overview of Disneyland and California Adventure Parks

From bug-inhabited gardens to toon-tastic neighbourhoods, and lands long gone to ones filled with the wonders of tomorrow, there’s no shortage of magic at Disneyland. In fact, you don’t even need to wish upon a star, because it’s a place where your dreams have already come true.


15. Main Street, U.S.A. – Disneyland Park

There’s nowhere quite as charming as the place that celebrates the bygone era of yesteryear. Take a tour on Main Street’s vintage vehicles from horse-drawn streetcars to fire engines, and enjoy its many stores and eateries. Despite the alluring castle on the horizon, you won’t want to leave.

14. Buena Vista Street – Disney California Adventure Park

Not only will you find some of your favourite characters here, there are also plenty of eateries too. And while it doesn’t have horse-drawn streetcars, there is the Red Car Trolley and the accompanying band, the News Boys. They sing, but don’t expect them to pull the cars…

13. Critter Country – Disneyland Park

Here, you can enjoy songs of the south on the log flume ride Splash Mountain. You can even join more furry friends on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It’s one of the sweetest rides around, but that’s no surprise considering you’ll be in a beehive dripping with honey…

12. Grizzly Peak – Disney California Adventure Park

In this breath-taking wilderness setting, scour the forests on the Redwood Creek Challenge or brave the thrashing waters on Grizzly River Run. Then, Soarin’ Around the World will see your spirits go up, where you won’t need a hundred balloons to help you.

11. Adventureland – Disneyland Park

If you want to unleash your inner-adventurer, there’s no better place to do so than in the home of Indiana Jones. But if you prefer the great outdoors to dusty old temples, jump aboard the Jungle Cruise which offers all the bare necessities of a traditional adventure.

10. Paradise Pier – Disney California Adventure Park

At a place with worlds both over and under, enrol at Goofy’s Sky School, or visit a wetter world in Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. And when you resurface, reach for the sky again in Toy Story Midway Mania, before your spirits are truly lifted by the spellbinding World of Colour.

9. Mickey’s Toontown – Disneyland Park

Most lands in the resort are inspired by Disney’s animated movies, but in Mickey’s Toontown you’ll be in one! Visit the homes of Mickey, Minnie and Chip ‘n Dale, and embark on a wacky back alley chase with Roger Rabbit. You’ll be animated with excitement!

8. Cars Land – Disney California Adventure Park

If you squint while cruising along the sun-kissed landscape of the Cadillac Range Mountains in Cars Land, you might just convince yourself you’re in a computer-animated world. And between its collection of audio-animatronic car-actors and its thrilling attractions, you’ll be in for quite a ride…

7. Hollywood Land – Disney California Adventure Park

You’ll meet many stars here from the chilled-out Spidey to the far more chilled-out Olaf. You’ll even be launched into the stars on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride! And if you need warming up after Frozen: Live at the Hyperion, join those Guardians outside for a dance-off!

6. A Bug’s Land – Disney California Adventure Park

It’s tough to be a bug, but in “a bug’s land”, Flik and friends are loving life! With plants that tower over your head and where the inhabitants are the same size as you, you’ll feel both big and small. If there’s anywhere in Disneyland that’s a small world, it’s right here.


5. Fantasyland – Disneyland Park

Beyond the Sleeping Beauty Castle is a world where you can be Disney Royalty yourself, at places such as King Arthur’s Carrousel, the Mad Tea Party and the Royal Theatre. But remember – for rides like Snow White’s Scary Adventures, you’ll need to be a little brave…

4. Pacific Wharf – Disney California Adventure Park

There are no rides here, but it’s a whole world of delicious food from ice creams to tacos, meaning there’s plenty to satisfy your appetite. There’s also Boudin’s Bakery Tour, and make sure you grab some edible souvenirs from Pacific Wharf Café when you’re finished.

3. New Orleans Square – Disneyland Park

It isn’t just the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that’s authentic here in New Orleans Square – you’ll also find delicious New Orleans-inspired cuisine at the likes of the French Market Restaurant. Be sure to eat before Haunted Mansion, though, as its web-clad skeletons might just kill your appetite…

2. Frontierland – Disneyland Park

In the Old West, board the Mark Twain Riverboat or the Sailing Ship Columbia and shiver your timbers as you pass the Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. And when you’re back on land, make some blasts from the past of your own at the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition!

1. Tomorrowland – Disneyland Park

When you’re done touring the stars and astro-blasting enemies like the First Order and Zurg, voyage deep into the equally-mysterious universe of Earth’s oceans to find Nemo. Tomorrowland showcases an age yet to exist, but there’s no time to experience its wonders than the present.

The worlds of Disneyland go beyond this list, with some under your feet and others in galaxies not so far, far away. But the most magical one of all is your imagination. And with each world you visit, it will get a little bigger.


Dan is a writer and film critic from the UK. When he’s not penning fiction or discussing the latest movies on his local radio station, he's travelling the world and visiting the Disney parks with his wife, Sian, with whom he shared a very Disney-themed wedding!

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