Disneyland Backstage

Backstage Disneyland

When DisneyDreamer.com was first built, we had a number of what is known as “Backstage Pictures” sent to us.

We had a pretty good selection of unique and rare photographs. As the site has evolved, we have decided the magic is found in the “show” and the excellence of the presentation, not the behind-the-scenes tricks and staging. We have decided to focus on these attributes.

Because of such high demand and because this site is still listed in some locations as a backstage site, we decided to include just a few shots below. We have no idea who took these pictures. If you believe these pictures belong to you and want them removed, please email us here.

Warning Spoilers Below!

Haunted Mansion

A website that goes into great detail on the backstage secrets of the Disneyland Mansion can be found at www.doombuggies.com

Pirates of the Caribbean


A website that goes into great detail on the backstage pictures of Disneyland can be found at www.dldhistory.com

Walt Disney World Jungle Cruise

Rivers of America Disneyland

Space Mountain Disneyland

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