Why We’re Crazy About Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland Resort

A relatively new eatery located in Disneyland Park (and filling the spot where Village Haus usually is), Red Rose Taverne is one of the very best places to grab a quick bite in all of Disneyland Resort. Despite the fact that the restaurant is only meant to be temporary—with Village Haus scheduled to return at some point in the future—the Beauty and the Beast-themed tavern is still going strong eight months in.


So, what’s so great about this little counter-service spot? Well, there are actually numerous reasons to love this place. Here are the top 6 reasons we adore Red Rose Taverne.

#6: Fantastic Theming

Let’s begin with the incredible theming. For a place that is only temporary, they really went all out on this. In fact, we think the theming at this restaurant beats out the theming in many of the park’s permanent eating locations.

The gorgeous stained glass decor hanging along the walls tells the story of Beauty and the Beast, and Mrs. Potts and her little cups can be spotted on a shelf. Additionally, there are plenty of pretty paintings to look at, an enchanted rose displayed above the registers, and many other little details to spot.

While avid Disneyland fans will be able to pick out bits of Village Haus sticking out here and there, Disney really did an amazing job with this aspect of the eatery. This theming is definitely a must-see for fans of Beauty and the Beast.

#5: Fun Character Sightings

If you happen to be in the restaurant at the right time, you might just get to see one or two of your favorite characters. While there is no set schedule for this that we know of, and while it is not an official meet-and-greet, we have heard word that Belle, Beast, and Gaston have all been spotted passing through the eatery (or at least the surrounding area), meaning you can almost experience a character meal at a quick-service location.

Besides these Beauty and the Beast characters, numerous other characters and performers can be seen waltzing by if you choose to sit near a window.

#4: Hearty Food

Walking through Disneyland all day can really leave you feeling hungry. Fortunately, Red Rose Taverne offers some incredibly hearty dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most famished of park goers. From the delicious Beast’s Burger for the meat eaters to the Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich for vegetarians, this place really does have something for everyone, and every single entree goes well with the garlic pomme frites.

#3: Delicious Desserts

Of course, no amazing meal is complete without an amazing dessert, and Red Rose Taverne is the place for tasty sweets. Their Lemon Rose Cake is a deliciously delicate lemon cake with strawberry-rose filling, and their Grey Stuff Gâteau includes white chocolate mousse “grey stuff” on top of a red velvet cake with a raspberry center. Both are magnificent!


#2: Gaston’s Famous Brew

No tavern would be complete without a good brew. That said, this restaurant is located in Disneyland, which means there is no real beer to be found. However, imagineers did a wonderful job concocting something even better that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Gaston’s Famous Brew looks just like a cold glass of beer, but is actually a combination of apple-mango punch and passion fruit foam.

#1: Amazing Souvenir Cups

Souvenir cups are always a fun addition to any Disneyland meal. Fortunately, the folks who put together Red Rose Taverne know this, and they provided guests with not one but two kinds of souvenir cups to choose from.

First, there is the Gaston mug. This beer stein-inspired mug boasts an image of the amazing Gaston and is great fun for drinking Gaston’s Famous Brew from.

The second cup is a bit more elegant. It is a clear plastic cup with a dome lid on top and a light-up red rose inside. It looks just like the enchanted rose from the Beauty and the Beast movie, and it is a big hit. In fact, you will be lucky if they have any in stock while you’re there.

There you have it, friends! 6 fantastic reasons to love Red Rose Taverne. We highly recommend visiting this quick-service location during your next visit to the park. However, you will want to hurry before the eatery closes. Disney has yet to let us know when that will be, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

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