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DisneyDreamer would like to recommend a place to buy serious Disney collectibles. Our friend Phil Sears has a large collection of authentic collectibles at any given time, we have made several purchases over the years and we are very excited about the Walt Disney Autograph collection that Mr. Sears offers. It is very hard to purchase authentic collectibles especially when it comes to Autographs- there are so many fakes that you really have to be careful. With over 17 years in the business, Phil Sears Collectibles has an outstanding money back guarantee, open honest shipping cost schedule and a stellar customer service record. It is always a pleasure from beginning to end to make a purchase from Mr. Sears. A layaway plan is even offered! Top quality items at a fair price.

 Take a look at this wonderful piece we purchased recently from Mr. Sears:

This is an original Walt Disney autograph obtained at the Dedication of the Walt Disney Swimming Pool in Walt’s Hometown of Marceline Missouri in 1956. Walt stepped on a young girls foot and reciprocated by signing an autograph for her on the spot, the letter you see is her account of the incident.

This piece came with a Certificate of Authenticity as do all
Autographs and an outstanding return policy. Even the Walt Disney Family goes to Phil Sears when they are looking for authentic items, now that friends is impressive. So why don’t you take a look at the current inventory and tell them DisneyDreamer sent you! Phil Sears Collectibles

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