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Let Your Inner Storyteller Shine With Pixar’s New Impressive Program

Calling all Disney Dreamers! Pixar is pulling back the curtain and welcoming all of us storytellers to shine with a new program. Learn from the best of the best as Pixar masterminds work to share how to let your imagination shine in story form.

With the help of those involved in massive Disney and Pixar films such as Toy Story, Brave, Wall-E, and so many more – here’s a memorable chance of a lifetime to be the storyteller you’ve always dreamed of being. Check out the details below, as first shared by DisneyTips.


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What is Story Xperiential?

Story Xperiential is a 9-week online experience that takes you behind the scenes at Pixar and introduces you to world-class storytellers. Within the program, students will follow the Pixar process to create their own story reel, a rough draft of an animated film using drawings edited together in a sequence.

Check out the overview video below:

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Working With Pixar Storytellers

Every Monday, you’ll live stream with different Pixar storytellers, including masterminds behind beloved Pixar films like those mentioned above. You’ll also receive ongoing feedback with insight and concepts, as each week you’ll submit your work to a gallery.

The Results

In the end, your work will be showcased in an online exhibition featuring Story Xperiential awards! Plus – completing the program earns you a Story Xperiential certificate and a dedicated page for your work.

Who Can Participate?

Story Xperiential is open to youth 13+ and adults. Plus – get this – NO artistic experience is required! This program is all about the knowledge of storytelling. There are also individual vs. group participation options to fit any schedule or dynamic, including individual growth and the classroom/group atmosphere.

Fall Session

The next fall session will be from October 3 – December 2, 2022. Each week, you will work toward a final story reel with a deliverable that mimics Pixar’s process. A glance at the weekly focus includes

  • Week 1: Brainstorm 3 “What if…” ideas
  • Week 2: Create a character profile
  • Week 3: Sketch your character & world
  • Week 4: Outline your story using the Story Spine
  • Week 5: Flesh out Act 1
  • Week 6: Flesh out Act 1 & 2
  • Week 7: Flesh out Act 1, 2 & 3
  • Week 8: Edit and Pace your storyreel
  • Week 9: Make revisions/Buffer week

Check out advice from eight Pixar storytelling masters below about the learning process:

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Time to sharpen the animation skills and let the imagination go wild! Youth ages 13-18 can receive this concrete experience with a program tailored towards youth for $25. Adults ages 18+ can register for $250. With the DISNEYDREAMER10 discount code, you can take an additional 10% off when signing up today!

Check out all the registration and more details about Story Xperiential’s learning experience here. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to let your inner storyteller shine!

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