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It’s Easy to Mobile Order at Walt Disney World

Quick service dining is great on a Walt Disney World vacation. You can have something delicious to eat, and it won’t take as much time out of your day as a full service restaurant.

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When Walt Disney World reopened in July, 2020, Mobile Ordering was the preferred method of payment at most quick service restaurants. Mobile Ordering is nothing new, but the places where it is available have expanded quite a bit.

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Some Guests shy away from Mobile Ordering because they think that they are going to do something wrong. Don’t worry, it is easy to Mobile Order at Walt Disney World.

You will need to have the My Disney Experience App on your cell phone to use Mobile Ordering. Make sure you have notifications turned on. If you don’t have the app, it’s free to download. Some restaurants have a QR Code outside that you can scan to access the system, but it is easier to use the app.

My Disney Experience App screenshot

Once you open the My Disney Experience App, look for the + in a circle at the bottom. A new menu will pop up, choose “Order Food”. If you can’t find it, type “order food” into the search feature.

If you know what restaurant you want to visit, just search for that restaurant by name. You will then choose “order food”, which is to the right of “get directions”.

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After you have found the restaurant that you want, choose an arrival window. On busy days some times will fill early, so don’t wait to place your order. You can change the time later if you need to.

Your next step is to place the order. Some restaurants have categories at the top to make it simpler.

After you have made a selection, scroll to the bottom. There could be choices to make like French Fries or Cuties for your side. You can then add more to your meal, or hit “View My Order” at the bottom. You can make changes if need be.

My Disney Experience App screenshot

The credit card that you have on file will be the default payment, but you can change how you are charged before you place your order. There is a place to pay with a Disney Gift Card, you will need to add the entire number. You cannot combine Gift Cards on a Mobile Order.

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Place your order, and then go have fun! A few minutes before your arrival window, you should receive a notification. When you are ready, hit “I’m here, prepare my order”. The food is made when you arrive, so it could take a few minutes, depending on the restaurant. You will receive a notification when your food is ready.

One problem with Mobile Ordering is that it is limited on how much you can customize something. If you need changes that you can’t make through the My Disney Experience App, talk to a Cast Member outside of the restaurant.

If you want to pay with cash, you will need to speak with the Cast Member outside of the restaurant. Also, Mobile Ordering assumes that everyone has an updated Smartphone. If you can’t order on your phone, the Cast Member will be able to assist you.

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