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Offering a full line of environmentally friendly products

Bio-Diesel  Bio Lubricants
Recycled LubricantsFood Grade Oils


7-Reasons Purified Lubricants
Top Quality Recycled Oil

  • Premium lubricants without the expense

    Significant cost savings (40% or more) with better than virgin oil quality.

  • Improves Environmental outcomes

    Meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards

  • Extreme Cost Savings
    Reduces new oil purchases and disposal costs by 50 percent and more with the
    cost efficiency of one reliable service.

  • Machine Flushing

    Eliminates the downtime caused by contaminated fluids.

  • Maximizes machine performance

    Prevents oxidation, corrosion and acid formation

  • Ensures Efficiency
    Extends the lifecycle of your oil

  • Exceeds ISO Manufacturing standards
    Assures lubricant cleanliness to optimize the performance of your equipment.




Bio Lubricants

Recycled Lubricants

Food Grade Oils

Green consumerism creates a balance between the expectations of consumer
behaviour and businesses’ profit motives – within the orbit of environmental
protection. It is increasingly calls upon to look at the entire life cycle
of a consumer’s purchases – because a consumer does not just buys ‘a’
product, but also everything that went into its production, and everything
that will happen in the future as a result of that product. We need to
realize that all products have an environmental impact, however small. The
concept of green consumers also focusses on businesses, and their
survivability as they respond quickly to demands of consumers for products
and services that are also environmentally friendly.

Go Green Energy
and its affiliate�s package under major oil companies in the United
Sates.  Therefore we can also offer
the best prices for the West Coast, USA to anywhere in the World. For customers
throughout Asia we offer sales and service from our affiliates in
Hong Kong,

Pakistan and soon to be
India. We also have Cantonese,
Mandarin, Shanghais and Vietnamese speaking representatives.  

Go Green Energy
Packages motor oils, industrial oils and environmentally friendly lubricants and

Go Green Energy, Inc.

Export Group specializes in sales of high quality and eco friendly lubricants
and petrochemicals to end users throughout the Pacific Rim Countries and the
Indian Sub Continent.


Green Energy, Inc.

3941 Park Drive Ste. 20-166

El Dorado Hills CA 95872

Export Group Number 916

Office 916-

Facsimile 916-

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