4 Ways to Celebrate Donald Duck’s 90th Anniversary!

Donald Duck recently had his 90th birthday! Over the last 90 years, people all over the world have fallen in love with Donald.

Donald Duck made his first ever appearance in 1934, on Silly Symphonies, The Wise Little Hen. He has gone through many changes in the last 90 years, but many parts of his personality has stayed the same.

To celebrate Donald Duck’s anniversary, new merchandise has been released at the Disney Store!

All of these items are part of the Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Collection!

Donald Duck Loungefly

Loungefly backpacks are great for wherever you might be, whether it’s the parks or just being at home.

This Loungefly bag has an angry version of Donald Duck. This bag also has a hidden element on the back, with a scale of Donald’s temper.

Be careful (or not) to raise Donald’s temper! When this bag is exposed to sunlight, Donald’s face gets red!

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Donald Duck Loungefly Backpack
Credit: Disney Store

Donald Duck Headband

To go along with the Loungefly, this headband is perfect!

This headband shows off Donald’s personality by showing his different faces. On one side, you see a happy version of Donald, and on the other is an upset version.

The bow is inspired by Donald’s tail feathers. In the middle of the bow, there is a 90th centerpiece.

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Donald Duck Headband
Credit: Disney Store

Mystery Pin Set

Disney also has something for all the pin collectors out there!

In this set, there are 10 different designs that you can get. All of the designs have different Donald faces on them from the past 90 years.

Each box randomly has two pins. Be sure to collect them all, as all 10 pins are put together form Donald’s sailor hat.

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Donald Duck hat pin set
Credit: Disney Store

Spirit Jersey

To help honor Donald Duck, this spirit jersey is perfect!

The spirit jersey has Donald’s iconic colors; white, yellow, and blue. On the front is a vintage picture of Donald. On one of the sleeves, you can see the different versions of Donald through the years.

The back has pictures of Donald that show off his personality!

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Donald Duck Spirit Jersey
Credit: Disney Store

Will you be buying any of the Donald Duck Anniversary Collection?


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