10 Helpful Tips For Visiting Disneyland With Kids

A big part of going to Disneyland is bringing the kids along. Sometimes pleasing your kids every wish is difficult, especially while in a busy theme park. However, we’ve created 10 tips for visiting Disneyland with kids.


10. Pack Hand Sanitizer

Your kids will be touching everything. Literally everything. Aim to pack hand sanitizer or wipes so that when little johnny touches that 4 year-old gum on Space Mountain, he doesn’t get himself sick. Since germs are so easily spread to kids, it’s important to to use this whenever possible. The last thing you’d want is for a little one to be sick during a Disney vacation and for them to get YOU sick when you have to go back to work in a day or two. Plus, imagine how sticky that ice cream cone is going to make them? You’ll be glad you packed it.

9. Bring Snacks

Unless you have an unlimited supply of cash, pack some of your kids favorite snacks. Instead of begging for that huge lollipop, you can hand them a fruit roll up and call it a day. Kids are constantly hungry and having snacks on hand can prevent a temper tantrum from happening as well. Add things like goldfish, carrot sticks, apple slices and other easily eaten foods that will keep them full and preoccupied in lines.

8. Have Games Ready

Whether it’s an app on your phone or I Spy With My Little Eye, have games ready to play with your little ones. Kids tend to not understand patience as much as adults do, so by having these games on hand you’ll easily distract them while waiting in those long lines. Plus, what’s more embarrassing than your kid slamming line ropes into other Disney guests too? This is the perfect solution!

7. Get There Early

Most likely, your little ones will be up and ready to go by 6 AM. The excitement about a trip to Disneyland will knock out any changes of sleeping through the night. Take advantage of their eagerness and head out the door as early as possible. A lot of rides that target younger ones such as Peter Pan’s Flight and Dumbo The Flying Elephant have extreme wait times, so the earlier you get there, the better chance you have at avoiding this. Another tip is to grab a FastPass first thing in the morning for these rides, as they do offer it for some!

6. Take Naps (If Possible)

If you’re planning on staying at the parks later than 7 PM, it might be a good idea to let your kids nap for a bit. If you’re not staying overnight – this can be tricky, but even just a little nap at a restaurant or on a bench can do them some good. They will wake up feeling a lot less cranky and irritable, which is a plus for you and them. We can’t count how many times we’ve heard screaming kids during the fireworks show, so try and have these designated rest points throughout the day.

5. Make Them Easy To Spot

Every parent’s worst nightmare is losing their kids at Disneyland. We wouldn’t go as far as telling you to leash your child, but definitely dress them in something recognizable. Whether its matching t-shirts (I know, it’s tacky but works) or something unique and colorful, try and aim for that recognizable wardrobe. This will make it so it’s easy to keep track of where your child is throughout the day and preventing any panic attacks.


4. Bring An Autograph Book

Not only are your kiddos super excited to meet Mickey Mouse and Ariel, but they’ll definitely love the memory of their autograph. Not only is this a free souvenir, but each character has mastered a special and unique signature. Pair this with a photo of them and you have the perfect take-away from the Disney Parks.

3. Minimize The Sweets

As much as your child wants a Mickey ice cream bar…and lollipop…and a churro, try and limit the sugar intake. If there is a place to splurge, it is Disney, but splurge on one item. This way, you child still gets to enjoy a yummy and special dessert that Disney offers without crashing from a sugar high. It definitely can lead to more temper tantrums and unhappiness on this special day.

2. Allow One Souvenir Per Trip

Whenever children are in Disney, them become mesmerized by all of the toys and stuffed animals that surround them. It’s a good idea to have a talk before they enter the park stating they’re allowed to get ONE special thing that day. You can spin this into being a surprise of being allowed to get this unique and special souvenir so that even having one thing seems like a very big deal. This way, you can avoid having to say no every single time they pick something up.

1. Be A Kid Too

Disney is not only a place for children, but for the child at heart. Enjoy your time in Disneyland and embrace being a kid with yours. Take time to admire the Disney characters, take a family photo, skip together, whatever makes your heart happy! You child will pick up on this and have a more magical time.

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