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Take a Seat Disney Adults: At Disney World, You Aren’t the Main Event

Listen closely, Disney Adults; this one’s for you!

At Walt Disney World, magic happens, dreams come true, and the impossible is only a notification away if you’re quick enough to get that virtual queue for Tron in the morning. Walt Disney once famously stated that his park in California, the inspiration for Walt Disney World, was built as an escape from reality, a place to feel like “you’re in another world.”

wdw Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle
Credit: Nicholas Fuentes on Unsplash

Although Disney has done a remarkable job taking that idea into consideration when building new adventures for us all, I’m almost sure “Disney Adults” weren’t part of the world that our favorite dreamer conjured up in his brilliant mind. 

I get it; if you’re reading this, you’re probably a Disney Adult. Heck, I am, too. However, we’re talking about the rare breed of Disney Adult today. The hated villains of Disney culture! Not the ones that hold Walt’s vision and passion in the highest regard. Instead, we’re talking about the ones that think Disney was made just for them. The ones that the rules don’t apply to; the lake divers, the line breakers, and the fist fighters of Walt Disney World.

More Disney Adults Causing Chaos

When you visit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios, it’s easy to forget that there are literally thousands of other guests there who’ve paid a lot of money to get in on the magic, too. Roy O. Disney, Walt’s brother, saw his sibling’s passion project through just for you, right? Wrong! 

walt disney world adults only magic kingdom cinderella castle couple
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World is for the masses. Although it may be that extra special place where you go to escape responsibility and obligation, it isn’t the Wild West. Unlike Tombstone back in the days of Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp, there are rules, people! Just because you’re 45 and Disney is your entire identity doesn’t mean they don’t apply to you.

We understand that some people like attention. It’s common for extreme extroverts. They like to be seen. If that’s the case, may we suggest a performing art of some sort? It’s a much better alternative to Disney Adults jumping into waterways at EPCOT. If you need attention, instead of inconveniencing other guests who are simply trying to get their lightning lane to Rise of the Resistance, call that special someone in your life, if they aren’t giving the attention you crave, find someone else who will…just don’t ruin everyone good time.

man jumps from bridge at epcot world showcase lagoon
Credit: TikTok/@saulbrandonreiter

More and more stories are coming out of parks at Walt Disney World or entitled guests who believe that the rules of safety and consideration that Disney has put forth don’t apply to them. Or, as they’re in the most magical place on Earth, maybe they think that the police are animals who don’t actually enforce the law. I don’t get it. 

You Know the Main Culprit…Don’t Deny that Alcohol is a Problem

Back in my day (man, that sounds old), you didn’t have to worry about adults at Disney World taking a load off in the fountains at EPCOT or shoving other guests while they wait in line to meet Mickey Mouse. We appreciated the magic that Disney offered. We went, rode rides, had consideration for others, and went again. We helped ensure the environment stayed clean, we didn’t pick apart wallpaper in queues, and we didn’t try to form flash mobs with people enjoying their overpriced cheeseburger and fries while hiding from crowds in Tomorrowland Terrace.

Fight at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: @ParisDivi on TikTok

In the good ole’ days, we didn’t yell at Cast Members or fight over lightning lanes. Instead, we waited our turn and helped Disney provide the maximum level of magic while keeping the price down. It wasn’t until all these young whipper snappers with their Air Jordans and iPhones started making TikToks that Disney started hiking prices. Disney Adults used to care more about having a memorable experience rather than “vlog” their way through Adventureland.

Although there have been many cultural changes to youth and young adults at Walt Disney World, it’s tough to deny that alcohol isn’t a common denominator surrounding many of the recent misdeeds of guests. We can blame “snowflakes” and “woke culture” all we want, but when a five-year-old kid has to watch a drunk adult man nose dive into alligator water at EPCOT while they’re waiting to ride Gran Fiesta Tour, the sauce is to blame. 

Disney Adults: Walt Disney World is on a Schedule, and it Isn’t Yours

Listen, I get that your Friday night isn’t complete until you pass out drunk in front of Ratatouille, but being a Disney adult doesn’t mean you have to have a drinking problem. In fact, it should mean that you have enough appreciation for the culture and whimsical parks that the company has built that you’d rather enjoy your time than spend your evening puking in the sinks in the bathroom by that hidden walkway your favorite YouTube Disney vlogger told you about.

disney-lightning-lane-increase disney adults

Also, about a recent video uncovered by Inside the Magic, we don’t need your flash mob attempts at Disney World. I get that this article is deeply satirical in nature, but that last part isn’t; someone actually tried to disrupt operations at Disney World by forming a flash mob. That’s Disney Springs behavior, fam; they’re open late; I’m trying to get my lightning lane in at Space Mountain before the fireworks start; take your shenanigans elsewhere.

Disney Adults: Have Fun, But Think About Other People Please

Everyone understands that if you’re hanging out at Walt Disney World, you spend a lot of money to be there. So did the other 100,000 guests. Being a Disney Adult doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. If you hope to encompass what the Disney name stands for, Disney Adults would be some of the nicest folks out there.

adults only disney world epcot night dancing couples
Credit: Disney

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or heard pretty famous social media personalities be rude to day guests at Walt Disney World. It’s pretty tacky behavior. It isn’t difficult to just slow down on your way to Splash Moun…Big Thunder Mountain and allow that family of seven to pass by without causing them to get separated from their children. You don’t have to race the folks who just spent 10 minutes fighting with a stroller to the gates of EPCOT either; it isn’t Talladega. Maybe being a Disney Adult means stopping and helping them instead?

The current state of ridiculousness that takes place within the confines of Walt Disney World by those who claim to be Disney Adults is atrocious. They often are some of the rudest, loudest, and most extra folks in the park. Instead of defining themselves by the traditions and ethics that Walt Disney built his amazing company upon, we’ve torn them down in the name of selfishness. 

This post originally appeared on Disney Dining

Michael Arnold

Michael is a father, husband, and an Army Veteran. Michael spends his weekends at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando checking out new merchandise and food. Michael is a graduate of the University of Alabama and has an education background in Public Health. You can find Michael riding Pirates of the Caribbean over and over again or binge watching new Marvel and Star Wars content. Han shot first. Thor is the strongest Avenger. Roll Tide and Wash Your Hands!

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