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This site is in no way owned, approved, or operated by the Walt Disney Company, or any organization
owned or operated by the Walt Disney Company and its business units. This
is a personal site for entertainment and/or archival purposes and used
for online journalism only. This site receives no money or benefits from
sponsors or otherwise.

This website is not authorized by the Walt Disney Company. I am not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company
in any manner. All opinions presented here are my own, unless otherwise
noted. The images on this website are a combination of my own photographs
as well as some scans of copyrighted Disney photos, taken from Disney
books. Disney retains copyrights on their images; I present them here
under the “Fair Use” law as an academic study.

All art featuring the likenesses of Disney characters, figures, property, or logos are property of the
Walt Disney Company, and its associated business units. Personal photographs
of Disney property (namely, Disneyland and resort hotels) are the website
designer’s sole property and may not be duplicated, copied, or altered
without prior consent. Linking to graphic, or audio-files is strictly
prohibited. You may, however, feel free to list Disney Dreamer in your
“Links” section without contacting the webmaster. Any use of
any files on this website must be used with prior consent of the website


Links given on this site are meant for convenience only. Disney Dreamer does not endorse any particular
websites, companies, or individuals. This includes “web rings.”
If there is a contribution made to the site (audio, graphics, etc), the
contributing website or persons will be listed in the contributors
section of the site.


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