Planning for Disneyland When You’re a Disney World Pro: Part Three, California Adventure Attractions 

A Bug's Land

When you’re a Disney World pro planning a visit to Disneyland parks, you’re going to have to prep a little differently. In previous articles we’ve discussed differences in logistics and layout that would affect your itinerary. We’ve looked at attractions you’ll find in Disneyland Park that aren’t available in Disney World. Now we’ll take a peek at attractions in California Adventure Park that should be at the top of your list, simply because they’re different. 

While Disneyland Park can rightly be compared to the Magic Kingdom, California Adventure Park is really an entity all its own. You’ll find Soarin’, which will make you think of Epcot, and you’ll see Toy Story Mania, which will have you comparing it to Hollywood Studios. You’ll even find Grizzly River Run which seems similar to Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom. Yet California Adventure Park as a whole is like none of these. The atmosphere is unique and beyond compare. 

But since you’re a Disney World pro, you’ve done the rides mentioned above, so you may not want to put those at the top of your list. (Although they’re definitely worth doing, if you’ve got the time.) Instead, let’s take a look at 10 attractions that really set California Adventure Park apart from other Disney destinations.


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