Planning for Disneyland When You’re a Disney World Pro: Part One, Logistics 

Castle Fireworks

1. Fireworks

So at Disney World you can experience almost everything, any day of the week, with rare exceptions (such as Rivers of Light in certain seasons). However, at Disneyland the entertainment is a lot more limited. This is a big deal and not publicized as much as it should be, in my opinion. We visited Disneyland park on a Monday, expecting to stay “for the fireworks” just like we would at Disney World. It wasn’t until we were inside the park that we realized there would be no fireworks that night—only on weekends. We were totally bummed. Now the Monday ticket was considered a Value ticket, and we payed slightly less than we would have on the weekend. But missing fireworks is a different kind of price to pay that I wish we had been aware of beforehand. Now you know and can plan for what’s most important to your party. :) Search for the fireworks schedule prior to your trip or call guest services if you need assistance.

It’s just different, right? Not better or worse, necessarily—just different. In our next article, we’ll discuss what attractions in Disneyland park you should visit when you’re a Disney World pro. Because you’ll definitely want to prioritize what’s different in that case! Happy planning! 

By Melissa

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