PeopleMover Video

Disneyland PeopleMover 1991

The PeopleMover opened in Disneyland in 1967. The track was extended to pass through the new Space Mountain in 1977. The
PeopleMover closed permanently in 1995.

On March 21, 1996, Disneyland announced that the slow PeopleMover would be replaced by a fast new attraction, Rocket Rods,
as part of a complete renovation of Tomorrowland. The Rocket Rods attraction didn�t last long.

If you still want to take a ride on a PeopleMover, you might consider a trip to Walt Disney World. Although the vehicles and the means of propulsion are different, the California and Florida attractions shared the same name and provided a similar experience. In 1994, the PeopleMover
in Florida was renamed to Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

source: yesterland.com

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