Etiquette Advice To Follow At Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Main St USA

1. Pay Attention

As we mentioned before, it’s important to put your phone away and watch where you’re walking. Additionally, we discussed watching out for large groups and stepping out of the way when you stop walking. All of these things can be traced back to one core rule: Pay attention.

This rule applies in areas like those mentioned above and many more. For instance, you will want to pay attention to avoid walking into other people’s photographs, and ensure you aren’t running into others with your stroller.

By paying attention, you quickly and easily remove a number of potential problems and give yourself the opportunity to soak up all the Disney magic found throughout the Disneyland Resort.

These simple etiquette tips and rules will go a long way in ensuring your neighbors’ trips are just as wonderful as your own. Try implementing them on your next trip to spread a bit of Disney magic wherever you walk.

By Chelsea

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