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Subject:The Reason?

Posted by: DisneyDreamer

Date: 9/7/07

Ok, so this is a new feature we have decided to add to our website, we feel that we have stood by long enough and listened to thousands of people give their take on the The Walt Disney Company, The Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Management and just about every other Disney Related Topic. Who are these people? Who really knows, for the purpose of this writing we will refer to them as “they”


A Little Background on DisneyDreamer’s Success.

(Warning shameless bragging directly ahead)

Our website has been very fortunate over the last few years and has seen tremendous increase in traffic and popularity, we are proud to boast that in a Google search for “Walt Disney History” we come up as number 1, yes flat out number one, any way you dice it or slice it. I will let you check that out on your own, if you have not clicked away yet, I am going to try to keep you long enough to make you mad, sad or happy.

 In any event we are proud that our site is now viewed all over the world and that we have met some amazing people and have had the privilege of helping some people do some neat stuff including, visiting Disney Parks and take trips that would have not been possible on their own. We have been quoted in books, our “Tribute To Walt Video” has been used in everything from County & City Presentations to Dance Recitals. We have consulted for a screenwriter and had many wonderful opportunities to share the Disney Magic in many ways and for that we are truly grateful. Without a doubt the most gratifying thing we are able to do, is help young people and students of all ages from all over the world, study the life of Mr. Walter Elias Disney.

DisneyDreamer.Com fires back at Critics.

As stated in our “About Us” section this site is done with a pure love for Disney, yes we have been harshly criticized for our lack of HTML in our design. Let us address the lack of HTML design for a moment if we can, does anyone know the story of how Google was initially designed and why to this day they have such a simple homepage??????? Look it up kiddies-see some homework for your spare time! Let us look at their Mission Statement” Shall we?

Google is owned by Google, Inc. whose mission statement is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. The largest search engine on the web, Google receives several hundred million queries each day through its various services. (source wikipedia.org) Let me put the cookies on the lower shelf for those critics of DD.Com SIMPLE IS BETTER! When you go to the premier search engine on the web do you see a flurry of snappy designs and bells and whistles and dongs and gongs? No, and hey guess what? They just happen to be the largest search engine on the web–would it be appropriate at this point to tell the loudmouths to sit down and have a Coke and a smile and stop talking for a minute? We designed DD.com to be plainly simple, filled with good useable easy to find content, always family safe for all ages and only minimal Disney Related Ads to cover basic operating expenses.


DisneyDreamer points at some big independent Disney Sites and speaks clearly.

I wouldn’t give you .50 cents for those “disney sites” that are a walking billboard of cheap smarmy advertisements, overcrowded busy pages that are confusing to navigate and are just downright UGLY. Now what cracks me up further is the RIDICULOUS articles I read. Do “they” actually believe what “they” write? Don’t “they” know the idea of the website selling everything from loosing weight, to male enhancements products represent everything Walt Disney was against? If you research Mr. Disney’s thoughts and feelings while he was purchasing land in Florida for Disney World he makes it clear how disappointed he was with Anaheim and how all the cheap motels sprang up virtually overnight and ruined the landscape-Hey Guys if your ‘gonna make your buck bashing my mentor at least take down the cheap motels so we can drive in without looking at your torn blinds and cruddy rooms.

Walt Disney did what?

Whew! I actually feel a bit better-  I ‘wanna take a pass at another thing that just fries my onions, got time for one more rant? Ok here we go, I am so sick and tired of this thing about Walt Disney and not having faith in a Higher Power- who invented that farce? Walt a Communist? Oh paleese, you read His testimony Before the House Committee on Un-American Activities and tell me what kind of award we should give the person(s) who continue to perpetuate this foolishness. Look at this article on Walt and Faith and tell me He did not pray or he was not named after the family minister or he was faithless-good heavens. Somebody needs to get a grip!!

Well thanks for joining us this week please check back because we need to address this “Frozen In Space Farce” that insinuates Walt was into cryogenics. We need to talk about how “they” all said Disney Blew it with Pixar. And many other topics sure to raise hackles, start riots in the street cause grown men to cry and so on. Until than play together nicely kiddies and thanks for stopping in, this site is for you!

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