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Dealing With Cold Temperatures While at Walt Disney World

Florida is the Sunshine State, which makes many visitors assume that it will be sunny and warm every single day. That could not be further from the truth. During the winter months, it can and does get cold. The good news is that the chill does not usually last too long.

The weekend of January 29 and 30, 2022, the Orlando area experienced the first hard freeze in four years. While dipping below freezing may not be a big deal where you live, it can be unwelcome when you’re hoping for a break!

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Here are a few tips to help you deal with cold temperatures if you are on a Walt Disney World vacation.

The first tip starts before you leave home. You need to check the extended forecast. While you would think that is common sense, many people just assume that the weather will be perfect while they are in Central Florida, and they never think to find out for sure.

Credit: Paula K

If you know what the forecast calls for, you will be able to pack what you will need.

Layers are always a good idea during the winter months. Even though the air temperature is cold, the Florida sun is still hot. If you wear several lighter layers, you will be more comfortable than wearing one heavy coat all day long.

Consider renting a locker at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. You can store your extra coats in the locker, instead of carrying them with you all day long. When the sun goes down, head back to the locker for your coats.

Credit: Paula K

Sunscreen is essential all year long at Walt Disney World. Apply it to all exposed skin, even if you don’t usually burn. A sunburn and cold temperatures will make you miserable. Stay hydrated as well.

While the winter months aren’t as humid as the summer at Walt Disney World, there is still a fair amount of moisture in the air. The humidity will feel cool on your skin, especially after the sun goes down. Don’t think that you won’t need long sleeves because the forecast says it will be 60 degrees and you’re from a cold weather state. Sixty degrees in Florida will feel much cooler than 60 degrees further north.

The Walt Disney World Water Parks will not open if the temperature will not climb out of the 60s. The Resort hotel pools will most likely stay open, and the water is heated.

One final tip; remember that cold spells do not usually last long in Central Florida. One day it might not hit 55 degrees, but later in the same week it could reach 80. It’s best to be prepared for any scenario.

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