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Some Disneyland Changes Over the Years

Many things have changed over the years.  Space Mountain was added in 1977, the Matterhorn Bobsled ride was redesigned in 1978. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was added in 1979.  In early 1983, Fantasyland was overhauled, giving it a classic European motif. Next came Captain E-O and one of my favorites, Star Tours.  

In 1989 Splash Mountain was added to Critter Country – there you could find many of the Audio-Animatronic Characters from America Sings.  In 1992 came Fantasmic!  The Rivers Of America are the stage for this wonderful spectacular of sight and sound using the latest technology.  Toon Town was added to the park just beyond It’s A Small World and in 1995 Indiana Jones was introduced.

Ticket Books

Disneyland for years used ticket books for individual rides and attractions.  This was an “E” Ticket reserved for the best of the best. This one lists rides such as Haunted Mansion, Submarine Voyage, Pirates of The Caribbean, and can you believe the Tiki Room?

Webmaster’s Early Memories of Disneyland

Some of my favorite memories of the park are when I used to go as a child.  My family lived in Riverside California, so whenever anyone visited us we always took them to Disneyland.  In those days you had to have a ticket to ride the rides.  Some of the rides I remember from my early visits are no longer there.

G.E.s Carousel of Progress made room for America Sings then changed to Innoventions.  Swiss Family Treehouse has been converted to Tarzan’s Treehouse.  Bear Country Jamboree has been changed to Country Bear Playhouse (now retired) and CircleVision is now a waiting area for Rocket Rods which closed without being replaced.  

Our family had a routine we would follow in the early years that usually had us making the best rides a priority.  We would always make sure we took in Pirates Of The Caribbean, rode the Matterhorn Bobsleds, and went through It’s A Small World before we did anything else.  After that we usually would start hitting the smaller rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Storyland Canal Boats.  It was never a complete trip to the park unless we saw the Main Street Electrical Parade, the fireworks, and of course the topper of it all was to see Tinkerbell fly through the smoke clouded sky starting at the Matterhorn. 

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