9 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

There are numerous amazing attractions in Disneyland Park. Many have catchy names, blinking lights, and bright colors. Some, however, are a little less flashy, leading many people to overlook some of the park’s most precious gems.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, for instance, is an amazing little show that should be seen by every person who walks through the Disneyland gates. Unfortunately, most people walk right by the show without even noticing. After all, who would want to stop for an attraction they’ve never heard of when they could be riding Space Mountain?

Well, there are actually a number of reasons to slow down and check out this show. Because we would love for more people to truly appreciate this awesome display of Disney imagineering, we have compiled a list of the top nine reasons you should check out Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln during your next visit.


9. Beautiful Storytelling

Everyone knows Disney is great at telling stories, and the stories of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War are told in great Disney style at this attraction. The show uses gorgeous artwork, lights, music, and voiceovers to tell a story we have all heard but in a more interesting and engaging way. This is an excellent way to brush up on history and introduce kids to this part of our nation’s past.

8. Interesting Disney History

Besides the amazing American history included in this attraction, you will also get a small taste of interesting Disney history during the pre-show. This short video includes video of Mr. Walt Disney himself telling the audience about the inspiration behind Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, as well the actual creation of the attraction.

7. Great Reminders

Learning about the past is a great way to improve upon the future. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln includes a number of great reminders of things we have learned throughout

history that still apply in our lives today. Listen carefully to the storytelling as well as Mr. Lincoln’s words, and you are sure to be reminded of some important values we often lose sight of.

6. Wonderful Inspiration

Besides offering the ultimate history lesson, this attraction is also incredibly inspirational. The story of how Abraham Lincoln pulled himself up by his bootstraps and found his own way in the world is one we should all feel inspired by. We know we do anyway!

5. Incredible Animatronic

The Disney parks are famous for their fabulous animatronics. The reason why is very apparent when you visit any one of their animatronic-boasting attractions. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is home to one of the most impressive animatronics of all. Watch in awe as the lifelike, robotic Abraham Lincoln stands from his seat to address the audience. This is truly incredible to witness, and almost leaves you feeling as though you are actually watching our 16th president in person.

4. Engaging Waiting Area

While waiting in line for most Disneyland attractions is not exactly something to write home about, there are a few that are not so bad to wait for. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is one of those. While you are waiting for the next show to begin, you can walk around a mini museum that includes plenty of fascinating information to keep your brain engaged while you hang out.


3. Convenient Location

You have to walk down Main Street, U.S.A. to get to anything else in Disneyland park, This makes this show one of the most conveniently located attractions in the park. It is located on Main Street, meaning you will walk by the theater no matter where you plan to spend time that day. Why not make a quick stop to see this cool piece of Disney history and learn a bit about American history?

2. Air Conditioning

Okay, so this reason pales in comparison to the ones we’ve mentioned so far. However, it must be mentioned that this attraction is an amazing way to hide from the Southern California heat and cool off in a dark, air-conditioned environment. Therefore, we highly recommend saving this show for the afternoon and using it as an entertaining escape from the sun.

1. Rest and Relaxation

Another reason that might seem petty, but is actually very valid, is the fact that this attraction gives guests the opportunity to get off their feet for several minutes while they enjoy the show. Therefore, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is the perfect place to go when you need a break from all the walking and constant sensory stimulation without having to stop the fun.

We hope this piece has inspired you to give this classic Disney attraction a chance. We promise you won’t regret your time spent watching this captivating show.

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