8 Ways You Can Waste Time At Disneyland

1. Not Taking Breaks

It sounds a little counterproductive, but if you don’t take any breaks, you’ll burn out faster than Lumier would in a gust of wind. Even if this means returning to your hotel – provided it’s a Disneyland one – and taking a power nap (don’t forget to set that alarm, sleeping beauty), you’ll feel refreshed enough to continue with the rest of your adventure without needing to fight sleep like that particularly tiresome dwarf.
At Disneyland, time is precious, so don’t wait until the rose’s last petal falls to have fun. To avoid disappointment, just make sure you avoid wasting time wherever possible. Sometimes, though, you need to accept that Disneyland is busy because it’s magical, and that it’s magical because it’s busy. It’s the Circle of Life – at least where popular tourist resorts are concerned. And even if you do get caught up in queues, it will always be worth the wait.
By Dan

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