8 Experiences Most People Miss At Disney's California Adventure Park

A Bug's Land

1. A Bug’s Land

Speaking of “a bug’s land”, it might seem like a place only for the little bugs, but there’s plenty here for the bigger ones to enjoy too. On exploring this quirky little land, it’s hard to tell whether you’ve shrunk or everything around you has grown. But one thing’s for sure - it will quickly grow on you. Whatever you do, just don’t walk on by. On that note, be careful not to step on it either…
There’s no denying that these are hugely-popular attractions, else they simply wouldn’t be here. But it’s also fair to say that some attractions deserve more attention than they get. However you choose to spend your time in this park, just keep your eyes open for the things you might otherwise pass by. They’re hardly as unnoticeable as, say, ants, but with almost every step you’ll wind up entering a whole new world…
By Dan

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