5 Things We Love About The Cozy Cone Motel In California Adventure's Cars Land

Cozy Cone PopCone

Cozy Cone 5:

Cozy Cone 5 is stocked with flavored popCONE. The flavor options include: Dill Pickle, Butter, Buffalo Ranch, White Cheddar, Sriracha, Pizza or Garlic Parmesan. All flavors are equally delicious, but I can’t help but get Dill Pickle almost every time. It’s the perfect mix of salty and sour. Try and resist licking off the popcorn residue on your fingers in public with these delicious popcorn concoctions. Each generous scoop is priced at $3.59 and is definitely shareable. Although there are multiple popcorn booths throughout the park, you won’t find another offering other flavors than buttered. Don’t forget to try Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic ($4.49) that includes sprite, wild grape flavoring and wild berry foam on top. This drink basically taste like a liquid grape lollipop. It is definitely a unique and must-try drink for grape fans!

By Erica

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