5 Movie-Themed Rides We'd Love To See In Disneyland

Beauty and the Beast

1. Beauty and the Beast

The live-action movie already invited you to be its guest, but a rollercoaster ride with terrifying drops would breathe new life into the tale as old as time once again. You’d explore the dark towers of Beast’s castle, with projections of your favourite not-so-inanimate household objects all around. But the castle grounds – which would feature realistic snowfall - would see you stalked by the shadows of wolves. Fantasyland might only be big enough for one castle, but perhaps like the oblivious villagers in the animated movie, you wouldn’t even know Beast’s castle is just around the corner!
Unlike those household objects, these particular concepts will probably never come to life, but it’s still fun to imagine the possibilities. One thing’s for sure, though – there’s so much more to come, from next year’s Pixar Pier to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2019. And there’s just no telling what other rides and experiences are in store beyond what’s already been confirmed. Whatever happens, at least you won’t need to wish upon a star or actually rub a magic lamp for brand new movie-themed rides. All you need to do is wait, and in the meantime, enjoy the incredible ones already on offer. 
By Dan

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