5 Awesome Places to Eat in Disneyland's Frontierland

Golden Horseshoe

2: The Golden Horseshoe

One of the original Disneyland attractions, The Golden Horseshoe is absolutely brimming with Disney history, making it a favorite for die-hard Disney fans of all ages. It was home to the longest-running stage show in history, and is where Walt himself held a private party the day before Disneyland opened to the public.

Besides all of that, this quick-service location offers some amazing snacks and even light meals. These can be enjoyed stage-side while some silly comedians entertain the entire room. This is an amazing place to escape on a bright sunny day and get in some giggles. However, it should be noted that the eatery can become quite crowded and rowdy, so it isn’t always the best choice for those who don’t like crowds.


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