11 Best Times A Year to Visit Disneyland

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For Lower Crowds

Nobody likes a crowded park. After all, large crowds mean longer waits. Therefore, many park goers search for dates that will give them the lowest crowd levels. For these individuals, we have created a list of best dates based on typical crowd levels:

1. Mid-to-Late January

The time just after the holidays end and before President’s Day is golden. Those three weeks are practically crowd-free, and offer guests plenty of elbow room as they wander the streets of the happiest place on earth.

2. Mid-February to Mid-March

Once President’s Day ends, the parks return to their relatively empty state until spring break begins. Once again, there are a good, solid 3–4 weeks of beautiful, peaceful days to visit both Disneyland and California Adventure.

3. Mid-April to Mid-May

Once spring break ends and everyone heads back to school, there is yet another sweet lull in crowds. This break in the business is welcome by cast members, as well as the visitors who prefer less hustle-and-bustle. Just be aware that if Easter happens to fall during this time, you can count on some crowds around the holiday.

4. September After Labor Day

Finally, we should mention September. This glorious month sees a significant drop in crowds as all the kids head back to class. Unfortunately, the drop-off is short-lived because the park begins offering special holiday events, urging guests to trickle in.


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