10 Tips To Help You NOT Get Sick On Your Disneyland Vacation

Grand Californian

5. Bring Your Own Pillows

This one may seem silly, but it actually works in three ways. First, by bringing your own pillows, you will likely sleep a bit better. Because your body needs rest in order to stay strong, this is a great reason to pack pillows to your suitcases.

Next, your pillows and pillow cases are free from any unusual detergents or cleaning agents that could potentially cause an allergic reaction. Considering the number of people who wake up with red eyes after sleeping in a hotel room, switching the pillows is very helpful to many people.

Finally, bringing a pillow from home helps ensure you aren’t sleeping on germs left behind by the last person who slept in your room or by the housekeeper. This simple act can be a trip saver for sure.


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