10 Things We Love About Mickey's Toontown In Disneyland

Minnie's House

6. Minnie’s sweet retreat

Right next door to Mickey’s domain you’ll find Minnie’s charming home, done up in an array of pretty pink and purple hues and standing out as a true work of “heart” by way of its heart theme. Step inside this comfy abode and into a tidy living room with a working radio, framed photos on the mantel, and many other furnishings. Take a look at Minnie’s magazine collection featuring great reads like Mademouselle and Cosmousepolitan. And while you’re at it, check the answering machine to listen to fun messages from familiar friends. Then head into Minnie’s room and see where this mousey madam likes to go to relax and rest up a bit. She won’t mind if you take a look at the emails on her heart-shaped computer. Next, you’ll want to head for the kitchen, which is full of food and fun. Take a peek inside the “Cheesemore” refrigerator to see what Minnie likes to munch on. You can also get her personal recipe for “Minnie’s Famous Chewy Cheesy Chip Cookies.” From pots and pans that keep the rhythm, to the rising and falling cake in the oven, as well as all the other “cheesy” touches, Minnie’s kitchen is an entertaining interactive pursuit. And listen closely on your way out because Minnie’s Wishing Well has been known to wish guests well on their way.


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