10 Things We Love About Mickey's Toontown In Disneyland

Mickey's ToonTown

8. Fun sights and sounds

Just like its residents, Mickey’s Toontown is animated all around. In addition to all the hallmark toony touches in design and style, you’ll find this destination to be a most lively and interactive hub. Look around at all the carefully placed intricate details, some of which are so subtle you’re liable to miss them. Keep your eyes open for Hidden Mickeys, Disney Easter eggs, and humorous street signs. Look carefully at the Toontown hills and you just may see that the shapes spell out “W,” “D,” and “I” for “Walt Disney Imagineering.” Seeing is just part of the fun. You have to stay alert and listen up, because some inanimate objects aren’t so “inanimate” in this place. You never know just what might talk back to you! Check out the various residential mailboxes as well as those throughout town near the post office, for instance. You may just hear the character voices of each mailbox’s owner delivering a fun discourse. And if you don’t intend to post something at the town post office, the main P.O. Box might have something to say about it. Peek inside the different boxes at the Warehouse dock and you’ll “hear” each one’s significant contents. Ring the bell to the fire hall and see what happens. Grab the knob to the electric company and get a “shocking” surprise. The laughs are endless in Mickey’s Toontown, from talking fountains and manholes to payphone chatter, and so much more. Go ahead and touch, feel, open, and check out anything and everything you come across. Just be sure to make it to the main clock aka “Clockenspiel” at City Hall for ongoing spectacles throughout the day, including ringing mallets, gloved cartoon hands pulling steam whistles, firecracker sounds, and even cannons.


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