10 Requirements For Being A Princess At Disneyland Resort


6. Auditions

What comes with becoming a Disneyland Princess is the rigorous audition process that Disneyland puts you through, for a good reason however! To find auditions, scope out the audition calendar at DisneyAuditions.com to find where they are currently holding auditions. You will then be put through several steps, such as perfecting a dance routine, reading a script, rocking an improve interview, and more. Each person has to pass every single step of the audition process in order to be considered for the role.  TIP: If you have a certain princess in mind that you’d like to be, watch the movie over and over again. Make sure you can copy their mannerisms, remember extensive details about them and making your voice sound like them is an extra bonus! This will help you thrive in the audition process.


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