10 Reasons Why We Love Indiana Jones Adventure in Disney’s Adventureland

When Disney acquired LucasFilm, they didn’t just inherit the rights to visit distant galaxies – it also meant they could start seeking lost treasures. Indiana Jones™ Adventure is among their greatest discoveries, and while the ride wasn’t actually unearthed in Adventureland, it’s still one of the most priceless treasures you’ll find in the parks. So here are ten reasons why this gem isn’t a hidden one.


10. The Narrative

A movie-themed ride needs a storyline too. So forget the Temple of the Doom – instead discover the Temple of the Forbidden Eye and the Gate of Doom. Following his search for evil deity, Mara, Indy has disappeared, and it’s up to you to find him. But not only will you face the threat of eternal torment as you explore, you’ll also meet the deadly Mara. Just don’t look into the light of its eyes…

9. The Environment

To say the environment here is convincing is an understatement. The Temple of The Forbidden Eye is a seemingly-ancient, fern-choked structure, where you’ll discover hieroglyphics and carvings as you pass through its queuing system. And while Indy might have disabled all the booby traps for you, the real dangers of these lost ruins lie ahead…

8. The Special Effects

Comparisons between a Hollywood movie and a ride of this scale aren’t just limited to narratives. From lightning bolts that streak along the walls of the tunnels your 12-person military car passes through, to roaring flames and intricately-designed animatronic snakes, this is one cinematic experience where your seat will be much less stationary than it would be at the theatre…

7. The Iconic Score

If you’re a little braver than Indy himself and snakes don’t make your hairs stand on end, then the iconic Indiana Jones score certainly will – for all the right reasons, of course. During this spine-tingling exploration, you’ll at least be comforted by snippets of John Williams’ masterpiece. After all, no adventure is complete without a soundtrack, and this adventure is yours to own.

6. The Atmosphere

As well as relatable characters, it’s what connects us to movies on an emotional level, and no ride alike would be as engaging without its atmosphere being boulder-thick (a giant boulder, that is). Indiana Jones™ Adventure has all the right ingredients – adrenaline-fulled action, awe-inspiring set pieces, thrilling music and sound effects, and plenty of nostalgic references to the franchise.

5. The Fear Factor

Not a fan of the dark? Do creepy tombs send chills down your spine? If you are a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, though, then you’ll know all too well that they’re as scary as they are fun, and this ride is no exception. But be warned – hissing snakes slither throughout these ruins. And why do they have to be giant snakes too..?


4. The Role Play

If there’s one thing movie-inspired rides are good at doing, it’s making you feel like the star. So if you really want to get into character, start by adding those infamous red dots to your park map as you make your way towards the ride, and make sure you bring a fedora hat with you too so you can put yourself in Indy’s boots (or hat). Hold onto it tight, though – it’s quite a ride…

3. The Cameo

You won’t be able to speak to him or get a picture (unless you’re as quick with your camera as he is with his whip), but you will see Indy during the ride’s final act. Before both the credits and the giant boulder roll, he’ll be hanging around above you – quite literally. You won’t see him swinging alongside an army of monkeys, though. Perhaps that’s a suggestion best left for Tarzan’s Treehouse.

2. The Possibilities

The idea of “infinity and beyond” isn’t just exclusive to Toy Story. Here, your transport will enter one of three different chambers, each of which holds a different treasure. But beyond them lies even more variations, making 160, 000 possible ways you can enjoy this ride! Just pray that Hollywood doesn’t take inspiration and make as many sequels. Now that would be eternal torment…

1. The Nostalgia

In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the aliens’ greatest treasure was knowledge, but on this adventure, it’s nostalgia. Everything including the music, the aesthetics, the atmosphere, the snakes and even that boulder will awaken your nostalgia faster than the elixir of life would awaken an ancient mummy. So forget lost arks and cursed artefacts – this time, the real treasure will come from you.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the Indiana Jones movies, this ride has something for everyone. So if you’re going to make one big discovery in Disneyland, make it Indiana Jones™ Adventure. Just remember that this expedition isn’t about what treasure you might find at the end of it – the journey itself is the reward that’s worth waiting for.

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