10 Hidden Gems At Disneyland Park

Disneyland Carousel

8. Horsing around

It was while sitting on the previously referenced bench watching his daughters on the Merry-Go-Round at Griffin Park that Walt Disney came up with the concept for Disneyland. So it seemed only fitting to have a similar carousel in his new theme park. In 1954, just a year prior to the opening of Disneyland, a model Menagerie Carousel that had been built by William Dentzel and was previously at home in Ontario, Canada’s Sunnyside Beach Park had been purchased. This was to become Disneyland’s King Arthur Carrousel. Originally many different animals were featured in addition to the horses, but just one of the horses was white—the lead horse known as Jingles. The carousel has seen many updates and renovations over the years including the incorporation other horses and having all of them painted white eventually. This was because Walt Disney felt everyone should get to ride a white horse like King Arthur. Still, some of the original horses, well over 90 years old, are still part of the ride. What’s more, each horse has its own name! You’ll find a complete listing of horse names at City Hall. Still, Jingles remains the most widely popular horse. In 2008 Jingles was officially dedicated to Julie Andrews, who was named “Disneyland’s Honorary Ambassador.”


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