10 Hidden Gems At California Adventure Park

Mailboxes Main St. USA

3.  Mailboxes

You may also notice the different mailboxes present along Buena Vista Street. The names of the residents listed all make a significant reference to either movies or Disney history. For example, you will no doubt recognize “E. Valiant” for Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? There’s also “T. Ogelvie” for Theodore Ogelvie from The Apple Dumpling Gang. The first name listed on the mailbox reads “S. Yoshiwara” for Staci Yoshiwara. She was an endearing fan and Cast Member who passed away prior to the completion of Buena Vista Street. The name “P. Peabody” makes reference to Peavy Peabody from Disney’s The Rocketeer but may also indirectly reference Officer Percival P. Peabody—one of the citizens from Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Disney World.


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