10 Essentials Cast Members Recommend Taking into the Disneyland Parks Resorts

Mickey blanket

7. A blanket

Cast Members also recommend bringing a blanket into the parks. Though it could be used on a chilly evening, it doubles in its function at parade times. That’s because a blanket can be used to mark the spot from where you’ll be enjoying the parade with your family. It serves as a sort of boundary too—your little ones can be told to sit on the blanket only, and other Guests won’t be as likely to sit too close or just in front of you, thus blocking your view of the parade. Obviously, this doesn’t mean to bring a king size comforter with you and expect to create an uninterrupted lounging area for you and your family during a parade. Sharing space with other Guests is the harmonious thing to do, but you can use a small blanket to create a boundary for you, your kids and other Guests.


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