10 Disgusting Guest Behaviours Disney Characters Have To Endure


1. Fighting

Speaking of fights, any form of aggressive behaviour is the number one taboo in Disneyland. Whether it’s with a fellow guest or an accompanying guest, these kinds of villainous antics will not be tolerated and the culprit will be asked to walk the plank and swiftly exit the park! In Disney movies, the villains never win, and they don’t in Disneyland either.
Let it be said that the characters are, of course, not real, but within the realm of Disneyland, for all intents and purposes, they are. And there are real people behind them too; people who have trained harder than you might think to bring you magic and joy. So show the Disney family the same respect and warmth you and yours will be shown during every moment of your time at the resort. 
By Dan

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